#1- Go Green Automotive Care

PHONE PICS 1381 Changing with the times!

At $5 per shot treats 20 gallons of fuel cleans yours fuel injectors and all your fuel lines. Also if you use this product you can extend the gas milage of your car or truck and save on your over all fuel cost. justtry 1 shot and you will love it and your car too.



One Shot Does it All!

Concerned about high fuel prices? Like to do something to reduce our dependence on foreign oil? Want a cleaner world to leave for our children?

Try a shot of Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+

This Revolutionary, Super Concentrated Fuel Catalyst helps break down large hard-to-burn fuel particles, capturing more energy from the fuel, resulting in maximum fuel economy with reduced emissions.

Gasoline and diesel fuels contain different size molecules that burn at different rates. Even fractions of a second make a difference in horsepower, performance, fuel consumption and emissions. Better burn = More money!

Safe for use in Gasoline or Diesel Engines with any grade of fuel, including biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel. Used by commercial fleets for years, now available to the public, Xtreme Green® Fuel Max Plus+ is an amazing fuel saver and engine cleaner.


Turn Ordinary Motor Oil into Super Motor Oil

By adding Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment to your motor oil, it effectively turns an ordinary lubricant into a super-lubricant.

Activated by heat and pressure, Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment bonds to your engine’s metal to reduce heat and friction, giving engines an extra level of performance and protection.

Designed for all types of gasoline engines, Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment will not build-up, change tolerances, alter oil flow through galleys and filters, or void manufacturer warranties.

Engine protection so advanced it comes with a free Limited Lifetime Engine Warranty!

Lifetime Engine Warranty

In the fast paced, tightly scheduled world we live in, you want the confidence you can rely on your vehicle and the security that you are covered if something goes wrong. Today’s engines are expected to last longer, and motor oils are better than ever, but they do have their limitations. Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment gives you that extra peace of mind knowing that your engine is covered up to $2,500 against lubrication related failure. Engines with less than 200,000 miles or less than 20 years old are covered. *
These parts and more are covered against lubrication related failure:
Piston and piston rings, crankshaft and main bearings, rocker arm and pivots, rod and rod bearings, distributor drive gear, timing gears or sprockets, valve heads and valve springs, valve lifters, stems and guides, wrist pins and bushings, cylinder linings and bores, oil pump, oil pan, push rods, keepers and retainers, camshaft and bearings, cam follower and balancer, all internal lubricated parts of the block and head, and seals and gaskets. For eligibility and limitations read the warranty. 

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